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Hi guys anyone grown super silver haze from shantibaba recently as i have put down 18 seeds of which 9 were female. This one was grown from seed plants were pre selected in veg for sativa traits and one female selected. Our trusted partners offer excellent prices on fresh brand name seeds, great support and will make sure your delivery arrives discreetly worldwide. Buy super silver haze auto feminized seeds by zambeza seeds. Super silver haze grow journal week12 by freehead growdiaries. Home forums marijuana cultivation grow journals critical super silver haze 4x4 tent grow w scrog. These were germed and planted on october 24 and sprung up on the 27th of october. Expert haze laos x super silver haze cannabis seeds. Page 3 of 12 software by xenforo 20102017 xenforo ltd.

Super silver haze grow journal by freehead growdiaries. Jul 29, 2012 super silver haze greenhouse feminized seeds x 10 10 1. Super silver haze was created by amsterdams green house seeds in the mid 90s by crossing skunk, northern lights, and haze. This is a heavily discounted combination deal including purple haze and blue haze feminized seeds. Not to mention, super silver haze is great for treating headachesmigraines, and anxiety. Its the perfect type of strain for a nice wake and bake session. Super silver haze develops long branches, performs great in a scrog setup and responds very good to lst low stress training. Indoors its flowering period will be between 8 10 weeks yielding 450 550 grm 2 quite easily under a 600 watt light but more experienced growers should be able to improve on this with little trouble. Users generally report feeling uplifted and euphoric after taking a hit of super silver. Super silver haze grow journal week9 by freehead growdiaries. Indeed, the three will be together in my journal less than 12hrs to go. One of the most exciting autoflowers available, the auto lemon haze strain has taken on the best characteristics of its award winning parents, lemon skunk, super silver haze and lowryder. If its too for a traditional scrog could i put the screen in place to control the potential stretch of the super lemon haze.

If you have unlimited root space or maximum sized grow bags, make sure you have plenty of room, because super silver haze will boom if given the opportunity. Buy super silver haze feminised seeds from greenhouse seed. Delicious seeds critical super silver haze strain talk. Silver haze vs super silver haze thcfarmer cannabis. Delicious seeds critical super silver haze started by surgeon, february. Super silver haze is a legendary cannabis strain that took the world by storm in the 90s. Super silver delivers generous crops of dense, resinous and elongated buds.

Super silver haze greenhouse seeds feminized zamnesia. Buy super silver haze feminised seeds from greenhouse seed co. Super silver haze auto feminized seeds is a high thc and low 01% cbd strain with super silver haze x ruderalis genetics of the feminized variety brought to you by zambeza seeds. Super silver haze is a highly decorated strain and probably one of the most sought after sativa hybrids this multiple awardwinning variety has been created by mixing the genetics of skunk, northern lights and haze. Super silver haze marijuana seeds how to grow marijuana. About us strain hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet. Oct 12, 2018 im have a super silver haze photo ill be doing over the next couple runs from growerschoice. The combination of accessibility and amazing effects has made super silver haze a favorite amongst amateur and professional growers. Learn more about how to grow super silver haze at home. Super silver haze, one of the quickest flowering sativas, with the renowned clone of critical mass, which has sativa traces with a flower formation that is typical of indica hybrids. Not for those just starting a grow for the first time, super silver haze can do well with the scrog and lst methods of growing.

Super silver haze s skunk parentage makes the plant easier to handle than typical haze varieties though as with all haze s it does require extra attention. It is a combination of skunk, northern lights and haze. I thought i would share my experience with super silver haze. Its feminized seeds ensure no male can ruin what could be a batch of unseeded buds. You can buy super silver haze seeds per separate pack of 5, 10 or 20 seeds.

I know i could tie her down thats what i did with my single plant chemdog grow last year. Could someone please help me out with a few tips from their experiences. Mrmolotovs super silver haze dwc growpics grasscity. Super silver haze greenhouse feminized seeds x 10 10 1.

Our topnotch cannabis seeds can also grow into powerful fatiguefighters and mood elevators. Aug 30, 20 hi guys i have a problem,i bought a pack of super silver haze and ended up getting 9 females from 18 seeds well so i thought. Grown indoors, super lemon haze seeds do well in hydro or a rich soil and flowering time is nine to 10 weeks. In fact, she can provide up to 500 gm 2 indoors and some 400 gplant outdoors. About super silver haze super silver haze became an instant favorite when it was released in the 90s. Super lemon haze flower room day 49 8000 watts duration. Typical of most sativa crops, super silver haze grows reasonably tall in height, so ample upwards space is necessary to successfully cultivate this marijuana strain without causing the plants to become squashed or overcrowded something to watch for, especially with indoor growing. I want to know if the super silver haze can be ready after only 8 weeks. Those who prefer their strains to pack some flavour and punch will greatly appreciate this new cross. Super silver haze auto seeds for sale high quality buy online.

This one was very vigourous throughout the veg and bloom. Growing super silver haze is not as straightforward as cultivating an indica or autoflowering strain, but it is much simpler than growing other hazes or most pure sativas. Nov 06, 2011 so i have a super silver haze fem freebee from dinafem seeds, its at day 69 of its life from seed and it it just taking painfully long for this plant to finish up. A feminized marijuana strain cssh enjoys the genetic ability to throw on quick flower weight in the last two weeks of her cycle mid oct west coast outdoors. It initially was loved for the quality of the high. Super silver haze mr nice seedbank cannabis strain info. Its actually the strongest fastest seedling right now. Indoors the amnesia haze strain expresses the dominant sativa genetics and tends to stretch substantially, even when put on a 1212 lighting regime, straight out of.

The trade off is reportedly higher yields of up to 800 grams indoor or 1500 grams per plant outside, compared to harvests of 450 to 550 grams. Critical super silver haze 4x4 tent grow w scrog page 3. Im have a super silver haze photo ill be doing over the next couple runs from growerschoice. One only has to look at her structure, her greediness and her yield to realise she is indeed a proud sativa. Pure sativa strains are some of the best sativa strains for energy, but are they the best sativa strains. These are from seed and so far they are looking good. Popular for its characteristic fragrance, strong effects and good yield, this strain is sure to become one of your biggest cannabis seeds favorites of all time. Lemon shining silver haze is a widely acclaimed marijuana strain that is sativa dominant. Skunk x haze x northern lights x haze the skunk, northern lights, and haze strains combine forces to give the super silver strain starstudded genetics. Super silver haze and purple kush mazar grow journal. Expert haze is a cannabis strain by expert seed bank.

The idea of growing your favorite strain is a dream come true for many marijuana lovers. Crossing a stabilized auto flowering variety with super silver haze kush cross has produced a plant with greater yields improved potency and a sought after taste. Like regular super silver haze feminized gives a strong, clear cerebral high and is non drowsy. Why buy green house super silver haze feminized seeds here. Super silver haze is a sativa dominant strain with an 80.

I have become somewhat familiar with this strain after two rounds of indoor growing. And, with its homegrown cannabis feminized seeds, getting mega yield from the hybrid is as easy as it can be. Super silver haze is probably the most indicaleaning of the famous sativa strains in terms of its effect. Open the picture with a pictureeditting program such as paint or any. Super silver haze is best grown indoors, producing adequate, thick and extremely crystalline buds with strong, deep and musky odors. Apr 12, 2010 harvested my 2 super silver haze plants yesterday. Super silver haze mns forums mr nice, howard marks. The novice will find the amnesia haze grow a challenging, but extremely satisfying and resinously rewarding experience. Nice seeds shantibaba neville i think howard marks just lends his name whilst pursuing his own line of work smoking, drinking beer and chatting people at cannabis events by the look of it jk. Super silver haze hybrid cannabis marijuana weed strain. Originally a cross of haze and a skunk x northern lights, dinafem has crossed two such plants to create their version which. Super silver haze was the first prize winner at the high times cannabis cup in 1997, 1998 and 1999 as well as won awards at the high times harvest celebration.

Super silver haze is a genuine classic cannabis strain with a long history. Perhaps the most awardwinning strain ever created, super silver haze was the prized brainchild of renowned green house breeder shantibaba. A strain that can make users want to get on their feet, it lacks focus but can be very profound and thoughtprovoking. Which means that today they have been growing for 4 weeks.

Im pushing my little 4x4 tent with a new strain for me. Critical super silver haze ds18 this strain is the result of crossing two magnificent specimens. Im growing super haze thats about 6 weeks old and she better turn out much bigger than that by the time im done with. To add to your grow collection, you can save money by purchasing super silver haze seeds as part of the rainbow haze mix pack. Been a while but im back at it with another journal. Super silver haze and zamaldelica, tropical grow, ready or not. It is also my first hydro grow so hope it turns out right. Subbed i think only the people here can understand the excitement when you see those cotyledons poking up above the soil for the first time happy growing. Read everything about this legendary strain at cannaconnection. Most outdoor growing latitudes prohibit the cultivation of latematuring exotic. Jun 26, 2008 looking for some tips from anyone who has grown super silver haze. Super silver haze indica pheno grow journals indoor.

This superstrain has won an array of first prizes in the late 90s high times cannabis cup. Discussion in grow journals started by lesso, nov 24, 2016. Here you can find all info about super silver haze from apothecary genetics. This is the first haze variety that is accessible to those who are not expert cannabis cultivators. Genetics of this strain are laos x super silver haze. Super silver haze gives a strong, clear cerebral high and is non drowsy. Super silver haze s skunk parentage makes the plant easier to handle than typical haze varieties. It won the high times cannabis cup three years in a row, an achievement which sent it rocketing into cannabis fame. Greenhouse seed company super lemon haze final harvest results video duration. Super silver grape is an indica strain, this strains genetics include. Critical super silver haze sounds like a very good strain have tried both critical and ssh last year, love them both top strains. I cant seem to find a grow diary from anyone thats grown it.

The bud is smooth to smoke, and the effects come on strong and fast. The buzz from super silver haze is a functioning, daytime high. Satori and super lemon haze grow marijuana growing forum. Super silver is one of those marijuana strains that right from the very beginning boast their sativa genetics. Super silver haze feminized cannabis seeds buy cannabis. Once registered and logged in, you will be able to create topics, post replies to existing threads, give reputation to your fellow members, get your own private messenger, post status updates, manage your profile and so much more.

Properly topped and trained, a three metre diameter ball of dense vegetation can be created ready for autumn and flowering. Leaves grow in a typically elongated sativa shape and the plant produces large, heavy buds with a thick coating of ambercoloured crystals. If you are searching for information about super silver haze from apothecary genetics, check out our basic infos, lineage genealogy or hybrids crossbreeds for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information or list all super silver haze. Tips for growing super silver haze cannabis leafly. Originally bred by an obscure figure in the holland marijuana scene, super silver haze has risen to become the tiger woods of the pot world. First place winner of three consecutive high times cannabis cups for the hydro category 1997, 1998, 1999, super silver haze also claimed first prize in the high times grand cup in 1998.

Apr 03, 2014 is my super silver haze ready for harvest. Super silver haze indica pheno grow journals indoor strain. Motivating as it can be, super silver haze shifts gears during the second half of its longlasting high and begins to soothe the body. Depending on which pheno, she could stretch 3 times her size in early flower. Jun 27, 2015 i think flowering times depend would vary with ssh from line to different line but any ssh iv saw usually takes between 1012 sometimes more depending on pheno. I had great success with their critical purple on my last run. The high is allround thanks to the indica influence. Super silver haze is a crossing between haze, northern lights 5 and skunk 1. Independent, standardized information about mr nice seedbanks cannabisstrain super silver haze. This strain could be of interest for medical applications. Critical super silver haze 4x4 tent grow w scrog marijuana. If youre fortunate enough to live in a state where cultivation is legal, our lists of steps and tips should prove essential reading today, we provide you with a growing guide for super silver haze an awardwinning strain that won the high times cannabis cup in the late 1990s. Mrmolotovs super silver haze dwc grow pics discussion in marijuana grow journals started by mrmolotov, may 6, 2007.

The result is an express version of the of its photoperiod parents and is a superb flavoured weed that is second to none for yields produced by an autoflower. Im growing a critical super silver haze and its the second time ive. Afghanistan, colombia, india, mexico, and thailand. And how strong is the haze taste in these genetics and the strength. What really sets this strain apart from the rest is that it is quite fat with medium forestygreens with unique brownishorange leaves. Super silver haze is not recommended for the novice grower but anyone who has a few grows under their belt should manage it with no problems. Since 1999 we have dealt with over 30 international seed banks and we only trust these guys. This strain is something of a wonder, i have been growing herb for about 5 years both indoors and outdoors and i have never seen such strong genetics in any other plant so far. Super silver haze feminized seeds for sale high quality. When growing super silver grape, growers have found that it has a moderate. Will you be doing a grow journal on the haze by chance. The crops are excellent in terms of quality and quantity.

Critical strains thcfarmer cannabis cultivation network. Youll be full of energy, but still feel peaceful, centred, and clearheaded. It says 8 to 10 weeks flower time is that far fetched and am i really looking at weeks approx. Buy super silver feminised seeds from dinafem seeds at seedsman. Buy super silver haze regular seeds 18 from mr nice. Jan 17, 2018 super lemon haze grow journal for franco.

Super silver buy super silver feminized cannabis seeds. May 22, 2012 critical super silver haze was developed by the different weed seed breeders around the world. This plant is recommended for hydroponic gardens, which can allow for earlier harvests than soil gardens. Super silver haze detailed grow report i have become somewhat familiar with this strain after two rounds of indoor growing.

Feb 09, 2015 hey everyone welcome to my journal i hope you will enjoy this and give me few tips if i fail at something since this is my first autoflower grow, peace. A joy to cultivate, seasoned growers from everywhere are getting their hands on super silver haze too. These were clones taking from ssh mother 5 weeks ago. Super silver haze marijuana seeds high quality low price msnl. Aug 29, 20 hi guys anyone grown super silver haze from shantibaba recently as i have put down 18 seeds of which 9 were female. This batch, well this batch was a whole different story. I have a ton of pics of them in my grow journal on. Most that have had the pleasure of growing critical super silver haze, would tell you that this new entrant into the sativa world provides a fantastic dense bud and a super high yield come the october harvest moon.

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