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I also mentioned rich hackenbergs book moose hunting in alaska, also published by russ. Fall grizzly bear hunt alaska remote guide service bull. We hunt in an area with the largest grizzlies in north america. Alaska hunting, fishing and travel destinations outdoors. It is also possible to book the entire 16 day season.

You can expect to generally view up to 10 to 30 bears during your hunt. His work has been featured in bear hunting magazine, professional hunter magazine, and outdoor life, as well as several tv shows. And the hunting is second to none with most bears averaging well over 9 squared and multiple 10 bears are taken by our clients every season. Dec 21, 2012 the bear s skull scored 29 516 inches sci, and tied for number 20 in the record book at that time. Alaskan guided bear hunts alaska bear hunting guides.

These are the biggest grizzly bear kills in the record books. Where and when to hunt in alaska, alaska department of fish and. There is not an animal in alaska that will get your heart pounding on the final stalk like an alaskan grizzly bear. Brown bear hunting in alaska is an expensive proposition. It is hands down the best location for trophy brown bear in alaska. The camps are generally comprised of two bomb shelter. Alaska hunting with jake jeffersons black river hunting. Nonresidents can only hunt brown bears in alaska if accompanied by a professional guide or a resident who is a close relative. Michael is an avid rifle and bowhunter and has guided in alaska for many years where he has led 100s of hunters and fishermen through the alaskan wilderness for their adventure of a lifetime. Bear guide charles allen led cabelas outfitter journal host james ladis and cameraman kerry seay on a grizzly hunt along alaska s tsiu river, the group was charged by a bear. The alaska peninsula and unimak island is a land of towering mountains, active volcanoes, broad valleys, tundra and a vast array of rivers and lakes. The real story behind the infamous alberta grizzly. A nonrefundable 25% deposit is required to reserve your guided bear hunt in alaska.

Most hunting in alaska occurs between august and october, but bears may be taken in either fall or spring in some locations. Grizzly bear hunting alaska 72 matching articles field. Bear hunting in alaska by tony russ and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. The southern coast of alaska, loaded with toothy predators the size of volkswagens, is where bear. Alaska requires nonresidents hunting browngrizzly bears, dall sheep, or mountain goats to be accompanied by an alaska licensed guide or by an alaska resident at least 19 years of age who is a close relative, defined as.

These hunts are timed with salmon runs so as to offer a congregating bear population feeding on the spawning salmon. I just finished reading your book bear hunting in alaska. As i get physically and mentally prepared for this hunt, i cant help but think back to some of the bear stories ive heard. Just southeast of nome, alaska, along the norton sound coast, our hunts begin when the ice goes out. Grizzly bear hunts our hunting areas are home to the worlds largest grizzly bears. They measured between 5 and 7 inches long and were the longest claws that anyone at the fish and game office in kodiak had ever seen on a brown bear. The bear s most impressive feature was his intimidating set of claws.

Alaska bear hunts, moose hunts, caribou hunting with. Whether you chose to chase grizzlies in the spring or fall, my. Of that figure, about 700 were taken by alaska residents and roughly 1,200 or 67 percent were taken by nonresidents. Along with the basics of hunter preparation, gear selection, camping in bear country, bowhunting bears, and bear safety, this is the definitive work on hunting the. I have ordered other tony russ books since this one. This is an area we only hunt on even numbered spring years. Westwind guide service, owned and operated by alaska master guide tony lee, specializes in brown bear, grizzly, moose, black bear and dall sheep. Alaska bush adventures specializes in brown bear hunting, black bear hunting, caribou hunting, moose hunting, wolf and wolverine. Hunting the alaskan high arctic biggame hunting for grizzly, dall sheep, moose, caribou, and polar bear in the arctic circle by scott haugen 2000. Scott mileur is a professional, registered guide who began guiding alaska kodiak bear hunts on kodiak island decades ago as an assistant guide for the legendary team bill pinnell and morris talifson. Fall grizzly bear hunt alaska remote guide service. Kodiak bear hunts, kodiak bear hunting guides, alaska. Alaska peninsula brown bear alaska big game hunting, bear. Mike distinguishes himself as an ethical, responsible, experienced bear guide with the most effective means of hunting bears.

You can expect to encounter brown bears with hides that will square 810 feet. Hunting the alaskan high arctic biggame hunting for grizzly, dall sheep, moose, caribou, and polar bear in the arctic circle by scott haugen. Bear hunting seasons are held in both spring and fall in some areas but only in fall in other areas. The exception to hunting fall bears along fish streams, is that grizzly hunting can often be very good in higher elevation sheep country, where bears are actively. While a small number of grizzly bears live in the continental united states, they are much more common in alaska and western canada. Lets talk about this alaskan master guides performanceit is worth talking about. This book will teach you every skill you will need to prepare for, scout, find, select, stalk, shoot and care for one of the most soughtafter trophies on earth the alaskan brown bear and the alaskan grizzly. Fairbanks, alaska will enter the record books as the largest grizzly bear ever. Then of course there are the alaskan bear tales books.

Denali guides and outfitters offers the highest quality, full service, affordable guiding operation in alaska. He has some on sheep hunting as well as bear hunting. This book is a must for anyone seriously considering hunting browngrizzly bears. Handloaders have a whole universe of bullets to choose from, but today the manufacturers offer considerable variety, including many of the very best bullets. Weve got information from two of alaskas best brown bear and grizzly bear. After learning to fly in 1972 and later purchasing a super cub, he paid his dues as. Nonresidents can only hunt brown bears in alaska if accompanied by a professional guide or.

Alaska board of game prepares regulations for the next hunting season. You will be hunting in alaska s cold bay and izembek refuge area, where we have two exclusive guide concessions. Now is your time to experience the worldclass alaska black bear hunting standards that no other hunting outfitter can match. Alaska requires nonresidents hunting browngrizzly bears, dall sheep, or mountain goats to be accompanied by an alaskalicensed guide or by an alaska resident at least 19 years of age who is a close relative, defined as. Bear alaskan peninsula international hunting consultants. Alaska peninsula brown bear alaska big game hunting. Reach out to me for more information or call me at 907 3781851 to book your bear hunting trip with rods alaskan guide service. Ive never read them, but everyone i know who has started carrying guns when they let their dog out in the backyard. Much of the information is good for any kind of remote hunting, not just bear and sheep. Antiquarian biggame hunting books worth reading and collecting. Tony russ covers every aspect of the trip, including a complete list of every piece of necessary gear, what to expect, how to find bears, how to judge bears, how to stalk bears or choose a good standblind location, how to make the shot, and how to care for a bear hide once youve got your bear. This book is an adventure book, as well as a bear hunting book, and weve added. We have four separate camps situated throughout the area, each with a guide and hunter in each camp. Bear hunting in alaska, spring 2005 issue, don muggli this book is a mustread for hunters.

Historically this is one of the very best areas for trophy brown bear in the world. Black and cinnamon color phases may be readily taken. Alaska hunting books, videos and information outdoor adventures. Alaska black bear hunting certified master hunting guide. Dec 20, 2017 steve west and the film crew head to alaska s top brown bear area, the peninsula, in search of the monster bears that live there. In 2007, about 1,900 brown bears were harvested in alaska. Black river hunting camps specializes in guided alaska grizzly bear hunts in the talkeetna mountains of interior alaska. Most notably, i interviewed alaskan guide phil shoemaker, who is a. Antiquarian biggame hunting books worth reading and. Normally when reading books on alaska hunting i find lots i dont agree with. This book will guide you to successfully hunting the large coastal brown bears of kodiak or the alaskan peninsula, and the smallerbut more aggressive and colorfulinland grizzly bears. Alaska has an estimated 30,000 brown bears statewide. Grizzly bears are usually the first species that comes to mind. Big game hunting, alaska, tony russ, brown bears, grizzly bear, bear hunting.

When working with you on planning and researching an alaska trip, our goal is to give you the best, the most realistic and the most honest information available to help you make the right decision when choosing an outfitter. The two bear bag limit, allows you the option of taking a larger bear on a trophy fee basis, if youve already taken a medium bear you would have to buy a tag in advance. Unguided fully outfitted float trips for moose, black bear and wolves are also available. Jakes goal is to provide you with top quality service and satisfaction without getting lost in the shuffle of larger commercial hunting camps. This region of the alaska peninsula consistently produces some of the largest, record book brown bear in the world. Steve west and the film crew head to alaskas top brown bear area, the peninsula, in search of the monster bears that live there.

It supports a high bear population and some of the biggest bears ever taken have come from this bear infested hunting area. Bear hunting in alaska northern publishing and author tony russ. This region is as good if not better than kodiak island for huge coastal brown bear. The first bear sighting is usually around april 10th and many more in the following days, until may 10th, when most bears are out of their dens. I have read the sheep hunting books both editions and have the bear hunting book as the next one on my bookstoberead pile. In the spring of 2010, he took 6 grizzlybrown bears between 8. This area is also home to a large population of mountain goat, with light hunting pressure and excellent trophy potential. Alaska bear hunts, moose hunts, caribou hunting with alaska. Alaskan guided bear hunts grizzly bear hunting in alaska. Our black bear hunts take place north of fairbanks in one of the most pristine wilderness areas left in north america. Our closeknit staff of fully licensed professional guides set the standard for knowledge, skill, effort and experience to help you bag your next trophy black bear.

The last of the great brown bear men when these men retired scott took over their world famous hunting area and has carried on the. Browngrizzly bear hunting information, alaska department of. Taking his life long passion of hunting and fishing he specializes in trophy size brown bear, moose and king salmon adventures. This region of the alaska peninsula consistently produces some of the largest, recordbook brown bear in the world. The alaska peninsula near cold bay is our premier brown bear hunting area. Contact us today for more information about our 2019 hunts. Fred drasner report 10549 hunted at larsen bay lodge 9078472238 with guide carlson for 10 days starting in late april. Hunting with 26 year veteran alaskan hunting guide kurt whitehead and trina nation will have you grinning from ear to ear. Since 2002, our clients have taken numerous highscoring grizzly bear. After learning to fly in 1972 and later purchasing a super cub, he paid his dues as assistant guide for several years. In 1969 tony came to alaska with the simple goal of having one of the top outfitting services in the state. The balance is due 30 days prior to the hunt start date.

Oh and another book i remember reading was called jumping fire about a smokejumper in alaska. Kodiak island mountain goat hunts and sitka black tail deer hunts. If you are interested in booking the world series of big bear hunting adventures, call our office at 18003034 for more information. Also mark taylors hunting hard in alaska series is good. This may im headed for the alaska peninsula to spot, stalk, and shoot a brown bear with a recurve bow youll be able to find full coverage of this trip on live hunt. I would start with tony russs depending on what you are after. Judge george w folta may have been grudgingly called the hanging judge by annoyed criminal defense lawyers who observed vicious convicted killers dangling from juneaus public gallows, but most alaskans affectionately called him alaskas bear hunting judge because he personally bagged some 300 bears during his half century of alaska hunting. Coastal hunts for kodiak monsters in other places where you can hope to harvest a 10 trophy top the price list. Wise game management policies the last 40 years have guaranteed large numbers of mature bears for sport hunters.

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